Help prepare and enjoy a meal with one of the pioneers of the new food movement in Cuba. Enrique is a master chef that is taking traditional cuisine to the next level.

Enrique is the owner of a very popular casual eatery with a large outdoor patio dining area. He does the workshops in the patio in the afternoon when things are low key. The workshop consists of making an entire meal (entree, main course, dessert) together with him and his staff that is later enjoyed and eaten as lunch.

The participants observe the cooking process as well as help prepare ingredients while Enrique and his staff explain the procedures and philosophy of their cooking style. Enrique draws from the traditional food culture of Cuba and then adds some international influences.

A big part of the new Cuban cuisine is sourcing ingredients that cannot be found in regular markets such as organic vegetables, fresh fish, and quality herbs and spices. Like most things in Cuba, the sourcing of ingredients is done through personal contacts. Enrique gets much of his organic produce from an innovative private farm project just outside of Havana.

Enrique and his staff speak very good English and are very passionate about their work and the future of Cuban cuisine. He can talk about all aspects of Cuban food and what it's like to pioneer the new food movement in Cuba.

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special interest activiity
Your guide: Boogalu host-guide + specialty professionals
Duration: 2.5 hrs.
Includes: transportation pickup & drop off, lunch (drinks extra)
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